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Take a look at all of the services we offer to Boise and the rest of the Treasure Valley. We will do anything we can to accomodate your specific project. If you have a project we do not have listed please Contact Us and we will let you know if we are able to tackle it.

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Waterscapes - Waterfalls / Ponds / Disappearing Falls

Few things in life are as soothing as the sound of running water. The calming effects of falling water have been enjoyed by man for thousands of years. Advances in the technologies of water fall supplies and systems have made available this tranquil and relaxing pastime to every home-owner through quality and affordability.

This part of our business has really grown in the last five years, our commitment to detail and our innovative approach to design has resulted in many satisfied customers and the ever important “word of mouth” advertising.

We work directly with the home owner to develop a masterpiece that best suits their budget and desires.

We offer every type of water feature from entryway bubblers and streams for added curb appeal and home value to full on backyard oasis retreats.


A bubbler can add an unparalleled dimension to any landscape, the look and sound of running water is hard to beat. This is one of our most popular items adding value and aesthetics to any environment.

With soothing sounds and distinctive plants, water features such as bubblers are welcome additions to any garden. We have ideas to help you pick one that's perfect for your landscape.

Pond / Waterfall Cleaning / Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Ponds and waterfalls are a valuable addition and resource to any environment, they add beauty to the landscape, provide recreation and are a habitat for fish and wildlife. A moving body of water is a complex biological and chemical environment and such need professional cleaning and maintenance for optimal performance.

Let our trained staff professionally and efficiently clean and maintain your beautiful investment for optimal trouble free relaxing enjoyment.

Waterfall Lighting

Pond lighting is a fun way of enjoying the ripples and reflections of your pond or water feature, even at night. Lights can create dramatic effects and highlight certain features of a pond.

Pond lights serve two purposes: safety and visual effects. Pond lighting should illuminate the edges of the water and light pathways or stepping stones to ensure that people can move about the pond safely at night.

Many options are now available to the home-owner or you can keep it simple and classic by using white lights hidden among the rocks, or put colored filters on the lights to add a splash of color to your water feature. Waterfalls make a particularly good focal point, our highly experienced team can work with you closely to pick and install the perfect lighting addition to your tranquil water feature.

Paver / Flagstone Patios and Walkways

Here at Cripple Creek Landscapes we specializes in some of the most creative and innovative paver and flagstone installations done in the industry today. We can work directly with you the homeowner to create that outdoor living experience that you have always wanted and will have all of your neighbors envious.

Whether you’re looking for a new patio, walkway or driveway Cripple Creek Landscapes can help make it an easy and enjoyable project. We will handle the entire project to final construction and installation with professionalism and commitment.

Fire Pits

Outdoor fire pits come in a variety of styles and finishes, Installed for their ambiance and warmth, outdoor fireplaces also transform backyards into a cozy outdoor living area where people can gather and relax even on a cool Boise night.

Choosing the right fireplace for your outdoor area can be a daunting task considering all of the options available.

Our team can work directly with you in choosing the right fireplace to accentuate you prized outdoor retreat also advising on the right material for your needs to resist exposure to the weather and withstand high temperatures.

Natural / Manufactured Retaining Walls

Retaining walls have to be functional and at the same time should blend into or accentuate the natural surroundings.

Retaining walls are mostly used to keep earth in place to compensate for varying heights in your landscape and to prevent erosion for this reason it is advisable to involve an expert in retaining wall design and install.

Many important factors of structure and beauty have to be taken into consideration in the building of retaining walls and our dedicated team will work together with you to incorporate both the functional and safety aspects into your wall as well as your ideas and desires for an ascetically pleasing surroundings.

Landscape Lighting

From aesthetics to security, Landscape lighting should add interest to your landscape while brightening your outside area at night and you are limited only by your imagination, shape of your area, and your budget.

You will enjoy your beautiful landscape well into the night with the t right creative design and installation as well as adding extra security and safety.

Our team can work directly with you in choosing the right lighting to accentuate you prized outdoor retreat also advising on the right hardware and fixtures to ensure your lighting lasts the seasons and make your landscape look as good at night as it does by day.

Sprinkler Install and Repair

Installing an irrigation system may seem like a costly endeavor but without correctly designed and installed sprinkler fixtures your summer landscaping may not look as impressive as you have spent so much time and money investing in.

Sprinklers provide the correct amount of water to keep your lawn healthy and green throughout the year, and underground sprinkler are the most effective and cost-efficient way to water your prized landscape. All plants and lawn need to be adequately accounted for with the right amount of water when planning your system, Irrigation sprinklers also require regular maintenance after installation to keep them working efficiently and also identify problems that can occur that will have a noticeable effect on the surrounds.

We offer irrigation installation and repair solutions to fit a wide range of budgets and ideas and we only use highest quality sprinkler and irrigation products. Our team can work directly with you in planning the most cost effective and water efficient system for your landscape needs.

Sprinkler Blowouts and Start Ups

Blowing Out your Sprinklers and protecting your assets is of the utmost importance and we are here to assist you with our professionalism and commitment.

Sprinkler pipes and back-flow assemblies are at risk of freezing and breaking when temperatures drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Immediate damage can occur to exposed pipes and sprinkler apparatus with the first freeze of winter. In many cases, home-owners are not aware that their pipes have sustained damage until they begin watering in the spring and discover leaks in their yards.

Winterizing your sprinkler system is an essential part of protecting your assets. We offer professional service for home owners in the Boise area to effectively protect your watering system and prepare for a trouble free green summer.

Dirt Work of all Types

Taking the time to correctly prepare the ground before a project starts is essential in the ascetics and longevity of your landscape and will ensure many years of trouble free relaxation in your new or improved environment.

Cripple Creek Landscaping specializes in performing all phases of site/dirt work including: grading, site clearing, demolition work, soil stabilization and restraints, storm drainage systems and site preparation for construction or landscaping including rough and fine grade work.

We will work with you to ensure your budget and time frame needs are all meet so you will be enjoying your new beautified environment.


Fencing can be a major investment and decision for your home and serve several purposes.

A nice fence can not only beautify your property but also keep pets & children in or out of your yard, also offering privacy from neighbors, or even just to add to the ascetics of your landscape.

There are huge amounts of fence types available for you to consider for many different purposes and the decision can be daunting especially if new landscaping is also to be considered.

We can work with you and advice on all aspect of these decisions and professionally install your choice of fence that will complement and beautify your home, our services are fast and affordable.


Whether you’re preparing for a special occasion or would like to turn your new or existing yard into a showpiece the right curbing can accentuate any area.

There are vast amounts of curbing types available for you to consider for many different purposes and the decision can be daunting, we can work with you to choose and install the right curbing for the right purpose, our services are fast and affordable and you will be relaxing in your new brightened landscape in no time.

Sod prep and install

There are no shortcuts to a healthy lawn, although creating a healthy lawn can be done relativity fast but still have the beautiful and healthy look of a well-established lawn., the most common method is laying sod. Laying sod creates a beautiful, green lawn in little time and is fast easy to do. However, before laying sod it is crucial to prepare the ground correctly and level for the best results for lush green grass.

Our team will prepare and install all you sod needs including scraping away unhealthy lawn, leveling and removing waste and fill.

We will be in and out in no time and you will be instantly enjoying your beautiful healthy lawn all summer.


There are many good reasons why you should plant trees and shrubs throughout your yard, from landscaping, shade, beautifying your environment and providing a natural and inviting look to any landscape regardless of the size.

Planting the correct plants for the environment you live is essential for the survival and look of the plants, plants and trees can also help keep your house and yard cooler on these hot Idaho days and nights.

Let us work with you to design and install you relaxing new garden retreat and our work is guaranteed for one year.

Landscape clean up

Cripple Creek Landscapes offer the professional service you need to create a fresh, clean look for your home and investment, Landscape clean up can dramatically change and enhance any environment, weather you just require a cleanup and waste removal or perpetration cleanup for any planed work you have coming up.

We will cleanup, beautify and remove any waste from your environment and work with you to satisfy all your needs for a fresh clean new look.

Outdoor Kitchens

Whatever reason you may have for wanting an outdoor kitchen, is a good reason. Outdoor kitchens are a great investment and will increase the value of your home.

Whether you are entertaining family and friends or just having a relaxing night cooking, eating and enjoying the beautiful Idaho evenings an outside kitchen designed and built by our professional team is what you need.

Your outdoor kitchen will be built to last for years to come and when it comes to home improvement projects, adding an outdoor kitchen should be at the top of your list when it comes to return on investment.

We will design and build your custom outdoor kitchens specifically to meet your needs and work closely with you every step to ensure your nights of outside entertaining are what you have always wanted.

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